Scott Snyder
Skype/Twitter: Thespian70

Using a backchannel during the session!!
Using cover it live to backchannel. CIL has a poll also!!
Used animoto to intro session
Session hash tag - #II10 - CIL has a way to integrate hash tags from Twitter to incorporate into your discussion

Why backchannel???

  • quiet kids who avoid interaction
  • large class size
  • increase interaction


  • Good way to run a socratic seminar - inner circle - verbal comments, outer circle - comments on inner circle discussion via CIL - have someone moderate the discussions to re-focus discussion (maybe a student??)
  • In CIL after a session is completed the account holder can edit comments/delete them or add comments
  • If you are moderating comments - hold all the comments until all students respond then approve - class sees all the posts at once - then ask follow-up question - What did you not think about? What did we miss? Gets kids thinking about their thinking.
  • First names only last initial if first names duplicated. No nicknames, numbers, etc.
  • Can direct message a student in CIL - shows in red on their computer screen - easy for you to circulate and find the "offender"
  • Science class - comment on observations during lab activity
  • Students can still participate from home.
  • Assesssment
    • limit the number of posts students can make - focused content posts
    • rubrics - google for backchannel rubrics - sample below
    • backchanneling during video
    • solving problem - students create real life connection to concept
    • use during inservice training

Other tools - has issues - has crashed recently

Rubric sample