Tool Factory software for pre-K to 2

(all with British accents)

Musical Leaps and Bounds
Develops mouse and eye-hand coordination. Intro to music concepts. Great for Kdg students to orient them to using the lab!

All About Weather and Seasons
Couldn't get videos to play
Paint activity was not as nice as others I've seen, such as Pixie

Kdg and 1st graders can build pictures that then animate when they are done. Cute. Also has game where students must navigate through the maze.

A Busy Day
Early liy program. Good for ESL students. Geared toward visual learning. Again would prefer to have as an iTouch app.

Phoneme Track (has option for US accent)
Remove and add phonemes to make words. Free cd! 8-)

*Note: I'd rather see some of these apps on iPod touches. I think it would be just as effective except for the learning of mouse skills.