Traci Blazosky, DEN Guru
1st grade teacher, Clarion School District
  • go to resources - click on sites - directions on how to use glogs with a variety of resources
Glogster resources:

Glogsters can be placed into Google Earth placemarks.
Glogsters, voki, voicethread can be put into assignment builder.
DEN video clips on glogster, wikis, etc. - site must be kept private.

Glogster registration numbers are changing. After Feb 28 all new Basic Free teacher accounts will be limited to 100 student registrations. This will not affect existing accounts. Premium accounts will need to be purchased in the future to get 200 accounts.
Can insert videos, sounds, links and directions all on one page!
Links can go right into the Discovery builder for activities or to other sites like ReadWriteThink
Include citations and standards on Glogs or link to a page in a wikispace with the citations.
EDU premium allows you to add attachments to the glog. If you don't have the premium you can post the file somewhere else and link to it.
New button on the bottom - create one now for free.
When students are online - highlighted green light indicates student is online at that time.
Andy is a good font to use!
When you insert the link code you will need see the pink circle until you save and publish.
New save feature - finished - will be seen on your dashboard as finished, unfinished - will be see as unfinished.
To embed your glog - don't use their embed code (distorts the glog). Save and Publish - Go to view this glog intact scroll to the bottom and click on green text - embed into your page.

Read Write Think
Link from Glogster to an activity such as a Venn diagram. (example:

Glogsters into Google Earth tours
Save and Publish - Click on the Placemark icon in the strip of icons.
In Google earth - click on properties - paste in code that is on your clipboard.

Discovery Builders
Log into Discovery Education
My Builder Tool
Writing Prompt Builder - Create new and complete the builder fields.
  • General information - insert name of builder
  • Add media - can include a border around the media.
  • Customize text - Complete the rest of the writing prompt screen - appearance, content, prompt.
Voki - create speaking voki reading the directions for students. Grab the embed code (For most sites use this code) to insert into the builder.
On the builder window put the cursor where you would like to insert the Voki. Click on HTML in the editor. Paste in the code from Voki. You will see Get a Voki now. Center this text. Click on update.

Voicethread widget is a yellow box. - math explanations that can be embeded into an assignment builder

What I created during this session!