Alex Morrison - New Discovery Features

New interface available July 2

New features to Discovery
Global content from 170 countries- best educational media library
Education funded by cable programming

DEN media share - content management
mosquito ring tone-

Think Link Connection

Launched a curriculum integration component

Past 14 months added 12,000 titles
concept level clips tied to standards
World media Pack
Administrative Services and reporting
Enhanced student access
steaming interactive Atlas
High-resolution media serverwoot

math and LA

SKill Builders

Math overviews

Math Explanations

Plus had 9.000 videos

Other resources (standard not plus)
Encylopdia articles- 23,000
images- 20,000
sound effects - 3,000
events - 25,000
quizzes - 2,000
Writing prompts - 600
songs - 400
lesson plans - 200
speeches - 40

ELL World & Languages - used advanced search to select language
develop critical listening comprehension skills
help students master both the ENglish and academic content

Chinese and arabic

Adding more closed captions now works with quick time with a hack......go to help section in geekybird

Jen Dorman - Get your Og on: Blogs, Glogs and Vlogs

Matt Monajan-
Top 10 web 2.0 tools: can also see who the people you are following are following and expand your social network
http://delicious- simple does things very well - simple way to illustratet hings that need a simple graph - online poster
Let me Google that for you - - online movie editing, better than movie maker.......(option for Vicki Marollli at CTC?)
  • can log in under the same username, so that students can use the same media to build their project
  • can set up multiple cameras to broadcast - what if powerpoint had no borders or slides!

Justin Karkow- Google Earth and DE media